Procurement of Recruiting Automation Software Platform for Poole Resourcing Ltd, trading as Verrus.

Global Executive Recruiters


This tender seeks proposals for the implementation of a Recruiting Automation Software Platform for Poole Resourcing Ltd, trading as Verrus, to automate candidate marketing email campaigns, provide analytics on campaign performance, manage compliance, streamline internal resource ownership, optimise email marketing deliverability, enable campaign follow-up functionality, integrate seamlessly with CRM, data provider and LinkedIn. The anticipated start date is early 2024.



Poole Resourcing Ltd – based in Leeds, is a provider of international executive recruitment services, established in 2002.  Turnover £4.2m with 50 employees.

Need to implement an email marketing automation platform to replace existing manually generated email marketing campaigns generated with Microsoft365 products (Outlook, Word, Excel) and which provide no analytics on performance or deliverability, no internal compliance functionality for managing opt-outs and no direct integration with CRM, data provider or LinkedIn.

The new platform will optimise email marketing operations, provide performance analytics to feed into continuous improvement, manage compliance, internal resource ownership, improve deliverability, and provide feedback on the relationship between campaign volume and deliverability.  The audience for this project includes our internal teams, customers, and stakeholders.


Suppliers are expected to propose a methodology that includes:

  • Detailed research and analysis methods
  • Ethical considerations in data collection
  • Data sources and information sharing details.


Expected outputs include:

  • Email marketing automation software development, installation, and configuration
  • Training sessions for employees
  • Import of existing opt out data into new system.
  • Mid-term and final reports

Contract Management:

The project will begin early 2024 and conclude within two to three weeks of implementation commencing. Payments will be subscription based and monthly, as  specified in the payment schedule. The contract manager will be Jonathan Hodgkins, Operations Director

Award Criteria:

Proposals will be assessed based on the above evaluation criteria. Bids will be assessed using a value-based evaluation methodology, which considers a combination of cost, technical compliance, experience, skills, resources, and qualifications. For further elaboration on how responses are going to be evaluated, please contact

Due diligence checks will be completed before awarding a contract including taking up references and undertaking financial stability checks.

Procurement Process:

Proposal submission deadline:   15th January 2024

Notification of procurement decision: February 2024

Proposals or expressions of interest should be sent to  


A More detailed description of requirements is available by contacting This tender brief provides a brief overview of our requirements and we are happy to respond directly to any questions you may have at this stage.