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Salary is not everything, yet ensuring that employee remunerations are competitive in relation to industry averages has recently made something of a comeback as a crucial ingredient to headcount retention and it’s mostly due to employers having got much better at nailing the most important bit – engagement.


While the notion of ‘nice guys finishing last’ seems redundant in the socially-connected and ‘soft-skills’ dominated modern workplace, there still appears to be a disconnect in perception as to which is the more potent ingredient of career success: Being liked or being respected?

But is our habit of viewing these two qualities as somehow separate – opposite even – actually accurate or even helpful?


Massive congratulations from all of us at Verrus to Harrison Cundale for successfully completing his Foundation Degree course in Leadership & Management at Leeds University.

Not only did he pass with 2:1 Merit but, as an additional and unexpected bonus, Harrison was also the recipient of his course’s Special Achievement Award for outstanding attainment.

A superb and well deserved accolade.


For recruiters to expect applicants to just disclose their salary information without question or hesitation, they first need to first become crystal-clear at communicating exactly why they need this information and, more importantly, how this information will actually help them benefit the candidate.

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While most preparation advice is equally applicable across both telephone and in-person interviews, some of the following pointers are nevertheless worthwhile considering if you are looking to progress from the phone-screening to the face-to-face stage.


Over a third of the people we have placed with companies, since being established in 2003, have been in positions that didn’t previously exist as vacancies but were tailored specifically to that particular candidate.

So why does this approach work so well and how might it work for you?


Massive congratulations to our Managing Director’s 10-year-old daughter Tilly for taking part in the 2016 Colour Run at Harewood House last Sunday where she and her Dad both ran 5 kilometres while being pelted with coloured paint along with other race-goers. The event is expected to raise over £9 million for St Gemma’s Hospice and, incredibly, Tilly has so far raised the MOST of over 2000 participants with her current total of £2,460 smashing her original target of £500. Bravo Tilly!


While it’s widely agreed that neglecting to research the company you’re interviewing with is probably the best way you can prepare to fail, the internet today provides so much information on companies that the trick, in fact, is actually working out how to be SELECTIVE with your sources.

Here are the essentials if you don’t fancy spending hours sifting through news articles and financials in order to prepare for an interview.


The average length of time from job application to job offer is now 23 days, compared to just 13 days only four years ago! While it’s understandable that companies are keen to avoid making costly hiring mistakes, they should also be cautious of missing the market’s top talent by dragging their heels with a lengthy recruitment process…


While LinkedIn represents a more sophisticated approach to making a career move than circling job ads in a newspaper, it also carries the unwelcome risk of inadvertently alerting your current employer! Following these simple steps, however, will safeguard your search and ensure that your intentions are noticed only by the desired audience.