Success, Delivered

Attracting and securing the right people is a critical component in enabling organizations to achieve their strategic goals and objectives. But assessing whether a candidate is right for your business can be infinitely more complex than it appears!

How do you identify what’s “great” and not just “good”? How do you ensure you assess each individual in a consistent way? The answer, we believe, lies in how you approach interviews and assessment.

Unlike many of our competitors, we believe that assessing whether a candidate is right for you should involve more than a quick read through of a CV with the occasional psychometric for good measure.

Instead, we can assess candidates systematically against the following four principal dimensions:

As a result of this thorough approach:

  • Our clients spend less time interviewing candidates that are not the right fit for them
  • Decisions can be made quicker and with greater confidence
  • The candidates we place are happy and stay working with our clients for longer
  • The candidates we place are ultimately more successful at helping our clients to realise their strategic objectives

Assessment of Requirements

In order to provide an optimum-fit recruitment solution that will minimise risk and maximise return on investment, it is imperative that out team of experienced consultants first gain an insight into the strategic objectives of our clients and explore the rationale underpinning the decision to hire. In investigating a client's brief we will assess the role, requirements, expectations and cultural fit while also considering factors such as time and cost objectives. This process enables us to decide which of our services is most appropriate to resolve your recruitment needs.

Contingency Search

A potentially quick and cost effective recruitment solution incurring no initial financial commitment, our contingency recruitment offering involves the identification and compilation of an initial long-list of suitably qualified candidates through a combination of traditional job board advertising, comprehensive database search and industry networking.

A stringent pre-screening process then enables us to narrow this selection to a more definitive interview shortlist through detailed assessment against a specific range of criteria including availability, suitability (based on skills and experience,) interest and long term cultural fit.

Should this process not identify candidates of the requisite standard however, our consultants would then escalate the process through advocating a more tailored retained campaign.

Retained Campaign

Instances where the hiring requirement is particularly niche, senior or sensitive typically involve clients retaining our services to tailor a more bespoke, detailed and proactive hiring strategy and the engagement of a dedicated research team.

An executive search campaign involves a senior consultant agreeing with a client upon a target list of companies from which to proactively approach specific individuals with a defined career proposition, underpinned by a comprehensive appreciation of the cultural virtues of that organisation.

Advertised selection may be the preferred strategy however, when a client feels a targeted media campaign embracing national press advertising and/or specialist trade publications and websites is more likely to attract a candidate pool that is more active in seeking a specific career move.

Psychometric Testing

As our clients seek to minimise the risk of employing unsuitable candidates and increase the level of overall cultural fit, they are increasingly conducting psychometric assessments as a natural complement to their and our traditional recruitment processes.

Research has indicated that psychometric assessments can significantly improve a company's performance through increased productivity, raised staff morale, reduced training costs, greater staff engagement and ultimately retention.

Working in partnership with an organisation with over 25 years’ experience in the HR industry, we are able to offer our clients an independent and impartial evaluation process ranging from individual aptitude and personality questionnaires through to fully bespoke assessment centres.

An Evolving Recruitment Landscape

What we have outlined so far is a general overview of how Verrus continues to be successful in a highly competitive recruitment sector. As the industry continues to evolve however, it is our ongoing ability to anticipate and embrace change that will enable us to maintain competitive advantage and to deliver continued added value and cost effectiveness to our clients.

One of the principal recent shifts in the recruitment landscape has been the advent of social media and its massive impact on the business narrative. The increasing visibility of human capital has ostensibly put a greater premium on the research and resourcing functions of most recruitment businesses.

As the likely evolution away from "traditional" internet employment sites in favour of less explicit "business" social media channels continues however, it is our belief in fact that a highly vocal approach to proactively networking an increasingly "passive" talent pool is what will continue to drive the success of our business and is, in turn, perfectly in keeping with our traditional strength as a candidate-driven business model.