Congratulations Adam!

Massive congratulations to our very own Adam Garvey for raising over £600 for the charity Brain Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire last week.

On August 1st – Yorkshire Day – Adam and his partner jumped out of a plane high above Bridlington to raise funds for this fantastic organisation which offers invaluable help and support to both families and patients who have been diagnosed with a Brain Tumour.

Although very lucky to be blessed with perfect conditions on what was a clear and sunny day, the skydive was nonetheless a massive adrenaline rush for both of them, and they even got to admire the stunning views of the Yorkshire coastline before taking the inevitable plunge.

Adam and Shauna were freefalling through cloud for around 5,000 feet – approximately 35 seconds – before deploying their parachutes and smooth-sailing for around four minutes through predominantly clear sky from there.  With navigational aid from a trained instructor, they certainly felt the G-Force in their stomachs as they controlled their parachutes to safely land on the X-spot back on solid ground.

Overall, a fantastic experience for them both and, above all, a superb achievement for a very worthy cause.  They’re apparently up for doing it again so we’ll be sure to sponsor them again when they do!

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